Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cloth diaper geek giveaway/review

Thank you cloth diaper geek for a great review and giveaway! i am surprised at how affordable these CD are and with snaps! and cool prints most on the market are going for around $20 but these are $10-$15 with cool prints read review for awesome features as well and one lucky momma will win one for her self (well for the baby i guess) i hope its me :) here is a link for contest and review

one smile monkey giveaway

this is one of my favorite sites for awesome reviews! if you want info for natural and organic stuff this is good place to read up. Recently she has tried and reviewed the charlie banana OS diaper and as a result will be giving away a set worth over $300 to one lucky mama! to check it out and enter just follow this link and thank you to one smile monkey for this great give away.

Another day

hello to my 1 follower lol maybe i will get some more today but i guess i dont really mind i never did like the idea of other people having an opinion of me but i guess this is fun! I will be the first to admit i dont really know how to work this blog thing i am just learning how to set up and edit i want it to look good i am a very detailed person if something has lots of accessories and comes in colors u better be sure i want it! Today i am perusing ebay for any deals on cloth diapers i have found some im watching so we will see if prices stay low i am always amazed how much some people charge to ship! i mean $8 to ship 1 diaper really! most of the good prices i find are unfortunately from china i dont mind getting things from over seas but i just dont want to wait 2+ weeks for it to arrive im a need right now person. I really wish there was a local place i could go to but things like rockin green or diaper sprayer i hate having buy online pay shipping and then wait for it to arrive. Anyone else like me and a want it now type? What are some of you favorite place to shop online? do they have good service or fast shipping?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting started

Well im starting this blog mostly to help in my quest to get some free stuff, in this tough economy everyone need to get a few freebies in life. I just started cloth diapering to save money and to help our planet i was very surprised at the advances of cloth diapers over the last few years!!! if i had know how easy and cute they were i would have been doing it from the get go. But as it is my son is 2 and i feel foolish starting now but my attempts at potty training have failed and he wants nothing to do with! in fact he develops some new phobia everytime i have tried this time it was being afraid of the tub he hasnt taken a bath by him self in like 2 months. Back to the free stuff, i have discovered that many cloth diaper blogs give stuff to followers and you get extra enteries by posting to your blog so i thought what the heck i will try it i also signed up for twitter yipee! i guess i have alot to say about the cloth revolution so i will go with that for now and see what happens :)  thanks to anyone who follows me and i hope i have something intersting to say.