Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another day

hello to my 1 follower lol maybe i will get some more today but i guess i dont really mind i never did like the idea of other people having an opinion of me but i guess this is fun! I will be the first to admit i dont really know how to work this blog thing i am just learning how to set up and edit i want it to look good i am a very detailed person if something has lots of accessories and comes in colors u better be sure i want it! Today i am perusing ebay for any deals on cloth diapers i have found some im watching so we will see if prices stay low i am always amazed how much some people charge to ship! i mean $8 to ship 1 diaper really! most of the good prices i find are unfortunately from china i dont mind getting things from over seas but i just dont want to wait 2+ weeks for it to arrive im a need right now person. I really wish there was a local place i could go to but things like rockin green or diaper sprayer i hate having buy online pay shipping and then wait for it to arrive. Anyone else like me and a want it now type? What are some of you favorite place to shop online? do they have good service or fast shipping?

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