Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting started

Well im starting this blog mostly to help in my quest to get some free stuff, in this tough economy everyone need to get a few freebies in life. I just started cloth diapering to save money and to help our planet i was very surprised at the advances of cloth diapers over the last few years!!! if i had know how easy and cute they were i would have been doing it from the get go. But as it is my son is 2 and i feel foolish starting now but my attempts at potty training have failed and he wants nothing to do with! in fact he develops some new phobia everytime i have tried this time it was being afraid of the tub he hasnt taken a bath by him self in like 2 months. Back to the free stuff, i have discovered that many cloth diaper blogs give stuff to followers and you get extra enteries by posting to your blog so i thought what the heck i will try it i also signed up for twitter yipee! i guess i have alot to say about the cloth revolution so i will go with that for now and see what happens :)  thanks to anyone who follows me and i hope i have something intersting to say.

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