Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great coupon savings Econofood match up

Today's shopping trip was one of my better savings days. Now I'm not a super extreme couponer like in the TV show because realistically i buy an actual weeks worth of groceries not 100 of the same thing and no store in my area doubles coupons. So I'm an everyday shopper that keeps an eye out for good deals and stocks up when i can but i don't over do it. Now you may also see that there are no "meals" here because i only buy meat every few months during the meat sales and most frozen food during a frozen sale too so from week to week i usually just need normal things like sides,produce,milk, eggs, bread ect.

This weeks break down: Total before coupons $85.00 Total paid $50.00 money saved $35.00
I did all my shopping at my local Econofoods.

Some of the highlights: 2- 8ct pepcid ac tablets only .38 each there was an awesome coupon in this weeks paper for $4 off any size i clipped 2 of them.

  This week all these items are on sale and there is an in ad coupon for save $5 when you buy 10 participating smuckers brand items it works out to .50 off per item i got 4 boxes of HJ potatoes,$.99 each 1 box of HJ pancakes $1.49,1 condensed milk $1.49,1 crisco oil $2.99,Folgers coffee $4.49,smuckers caramel topping $1.49, Brownie mix $1.49. I also had from coupon flyer $1 off the Folgers coffee, printed from online .55 off milk and 2 $1 off 2 HJ products  Hungry jack potatoes both scalloped and instant mashed were .50 per box, Eagle brand sweet condensed milk 1.00 and Folgers coffee 3.50.

Chex cereal 3 boxes only $4 after in ad coupon of buy 2 get one free and clipped coupon of $1 off 3 boxes

Our family in ad coupon for save $3 of 10 participating items including many Thanksgiving items like stuffing,gravy,cranberry sauce and much more very easy to find 10 items most will cost between .70-1.00 after coupon.

And last was 2 bags of salad, croutons,cucumber,carrots,tomatoes,dressing all for $8 you buy 2 salads and you get dressing,carrots,tomatoes and cucumber free, you can print and online coupon for .50 off your free dressing and .50 off croutons.

Kemps products also on sale this week gallon milk is only $2.50

Sources to print coupons and check out the ads:

Econofood website  gives you the weekly ad and also link for our family brand coupons

Smart source  Additional coupons available

redplum  Most of the same but sometimes you find a few

Thanks for check it out hope you can save some money too!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sick baby?

One of the big problems of having an Autistic child besides the obvious is trying to tell if they are sick or not feeling good in general. He cant tell me when he doesn't feel well and really it is just a guessing game on my end especially when there are not many outward signs. He doesn't tell me when he is hungry and would probably go all day without eating if i didn't give him food and feed him. Like wise he doesn't stop eating if he is full either unless i tell him he has had enough.

Today he woke up crying and calling out to me i rushed to get him and asked him knowing i would get no answer if he was ok.  He seems good no fever didn't seem to interested in breakfast but was able to get him to eat after awhile. Day went by with little issue and he even napped. Bed time was not so good at 11:30 pm he was still awake and ever 15 mins or so he would cry out for his mommy. So know I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. He has a slight stuffy nose but can breath and usually has worse from allergies. No fever still but I'm thinking his belly hurts i rub it and ask does it hurt and he cries no and squirms away so i suspect that yes it does i rub it gently and he says stop it. So i guess we will see DR in the morning he is finally asleep i can hope for the best as maybe a DR can tell me whats wrong but i doubt it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cloth Diaper Series: Washing and care

Check out privious post here:  How to begin And Options and buying

OH NO!! Washing diapers!!! Sounds scary i know but i can assure you it is not as bad as it sounds. I can honestly say (and i know its weird) that my diaper laundry is my favorite to do! Yes i know it sounds crazy but i know that many cloth diaper mommies out there agree that it feels so satisfying and you have a feeling of giving back when you wash them instead of throwing them away.  It takes me less cloth wipes to clean a mess than disposable wipes and i don't need to smell them in my garbage for week.
Which pile looks better to you?

Basic cloth instructions

*pee diapers simply put in pail or wet bag
*poop diapers shake solids into toilet and spray or rinse away excess then put in pail
* Wash diapers every 3 days or less depending on stash size to keep stains and smells at bay
* first step cold rinse cycle no detergent
*hot wash cycle with recommended amount of detergent safe for cloth if not using a cloth specific detergent then use 1/4 the the amount needed.
* Do an extra rinse to get rid of any left over detergent
*dry on low heat setting or line dry

Friday, October 7, 2011

Giveaway Feature

My new shop has been featured on 17 sirens head over to her blog for a great review and a giveaway of some awesome products. The winner will get prize package including Laundry detergent, home deodorizer and all purpose cleaner. All items are homemade and not full of harsh chemicals. Check it out and Enter the giveaway for a chance to win! All reader can use discount code: 17sirens  for free shipping on any order on my site MN momma shop 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Looking for sponsors

Hello fellow bloggers and Wahm's. Are looking to increase traffic to your blog,Facebook page, Twitter or etsy/hyena cart?  I am currently in need of some sponsors for some up coming giveaway blog hop events.  The Made with love event is a hop dedicated to hand made items and an awesome event 25 crazy days event that has so many great prizes valued at over $4000 and that does include all the blog prizes the main event has up for grabs an ipad2, mac book air, and tons of visa gift cards this event is guaranteed to have alot of participants so be sure to contact me today for a chance to sponsor and get more followers today! What i am looking for and what you get: If you sponsor a prize of under $25 you can choose 1 page to have followed during event and i will combine yours with other smaller packages.  If you sponsor $25-$49 you can have up to 3 pages to follow during event. If you sponsor $50 or more you can have as many pages to follow as you have and you will also have a pre-event spotlight article for more exposure and to give followers a chance to follow prior to event.  Besides my many followers i have an average of 2000 readers a month and I'm a member of Triberr a post multiplier, my posts are sent via twitter to over 40,000 people (not a member i can invite too).  So if this is interesting to you post a comment below or email me direct for more info:

Don't have product to sponsor but want to join hop? Be sure to say Minnesota momma sent you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Preschool Fears

As you may know my 3 year old son has a form of Autism. I am fortunate that our school system has a fantastic early childhood program that we are a part of in addition to our regular therapy. We currently go to a toddler class one day a week and he gets to play with peers while mommies hang out in next room for some adult time. For me its tough to not be with him every moment it might only be an hour and there is a 2 way mirror so i can see him but for some reason i still worry. Keep in mind he for the most part is just fine and probably doesn't notice my absence he loves school!   So as I adjust to this new separation we look ahead to preschool.  This is gonna be a biggie for me. He will not be old enough for the "real" preschool till next fall so he will be joining the special education program to ready him for school with the hopes that he will be able to adjust to the surroundings and transition with no problems next year. For anyone who is not familiar with Autism most kids( all though not all because with Autism every kid is so different) Are very bright. This is the case with my son. He is very smart more than his age he just can't do the day to day routine tasks , moving from one activity to the next, those little life skills we all take for granted. I worry about the time apart i will be leaving alone for a few hours 2 days a week. It's almost too much for me to think about. I know know every parent goes thru this even if your child doesn't have special opportunities. I will admit that he hasn't been alone with anyone other than grandma or daddy since he was 6 months old.  So it is time to take a step from the nest and hopefully mommy will be OK  :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scary Wasps!

AHHH! Wasps!! For the last 3 days some how wasps have been getting into my house! I have heroically killed  killed 7 of them. I can see them flying into the attic thru a vent so I'm pretty sure there is a nest in my attic but there are no local exterminators who will come out to get rid of them so we must rid them ourselves. I wish i knew where they were coming into my main house from it is very scary to be sitting on the couch and the baby yells "mommy bug!!" And not i have to avoid it as it does that creepy swoop as it bobs the ceiling with its dangly legs eewww. Can u tell i don't like them. I will update you when and how they get gone once i can coerce my just as scared hubby to climb up to roof and check out the situation and spray the nest, fingers crossed.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monkey monday hop

Welcome to the Monday Monkey Blog Hop hosted by

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coupon Cabin 25 Crazy dayz giveaway event!

This is one of the AWESOME blog hops giveaways i am lucky to be apart of this fall!!

CouponCabin’s 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz is hosted by ,Simple stacy,Makobi Scribe and Sassy Mama in LA and sponsored by, a leading online destination for coupons including coupon codes, printables, grocery coupons and more.

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But WAIT. There’s more. Yes, It gets EVEN BETTER!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook freebies

Here are a few free samples or coupon i have found today for "liking" FB pages

green mountain coffee Sample

Evamor artisan water  coupon for free bottle Coupon

Burberry fragrance  Sample

Not a facebook one but free Lacoste fragrance Sample

Free infusium sample

Hurry over to infusium's Facebook page they have a free sample link posted again today but be quick they ran out quick last time!!  FREE SAMPLE HERE

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Free Sample links

Here are a few great freebies i have found over last few days! But you gotta hurry they go quick!!

Target samples is giving away samples of new Kleenex cool touch tissues
link for 3 free tea samples from Twinings tea lots to choose from

Playtex tampons giving samples of new sport tampons

Just a few good ones be sure to follow me on Facebook and twitter for more freebies as i find them

Friday, September 2, 2011

Very embarrassing

So i set up my Facebook page  for my blog many months ago and went along my way to promote and get followers only to be asked today by a friend of mine if i had noticed that i had spelled Minnesota wrong? Much to my dismay and embarrassment i had not! and no one else had noticed or thought to bring it to my attention yet. I am sad to say that spelling is by far not one of my strong suits and i am thankful every day for spell check. But as i looked into changing my name i was alarmed to find that u can not change your fan page once you hit 100 fans!! So i had the tough decision of can i live with this? Or do i "get rid of" 40 fans so i can fix my horrible error. Well i decided that i needed to have a professional looking page so i randomly chose 40 hard earned fans to dismiss in hopes they will find their way back. I guess i need to hit up some FB hops this week end :( I'm sorry if you were one of the 40 and please know it was not personal just an attempt to save face lol.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blanket Giveaway

Happy to now be a part of Rafflecopter i would like to test it out with this giveaway!
Up for grabs is a fleece taggie blanket. It has an adorable monkey print in soft fleece and the back is lined in silk like material. It measures 13x13 and had sewn in tags all around it.   Keep an eye out this week for more small giveaways to celebrate rafflecopter!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sorry for ignoring my blog

Hello faithful readers i have felt kinda guilty for not posting very much this summer but it has been busy. As a family we have been enjoying the sun shine. And also having alot of appointment for my son to get him the right therapy he needs which has not been fun or easy. He has need so much of my attention and i have been happy to give it to him and so my blog has been furthest from my mind.  I will post a quick giveaway hopefully today if time allows for a taggie blanket and maybe some more things to welcome back my posts. Also be sure to keep an eye out i have signed up for a made with love giveaway hop!! Very excited to be part of this event! check out link on side bar for more details and also if you are interested in sponsoring be sure to contact me. thanks for sticking with me love you all melissa

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love my husband but.....

I love my husband dearly and he is always helping with things around the house and he takes care of our son on nights when i have to work. However there are days when i wish he would just leave things to me sigh....  Some tasks are just better left to mommy to do for example the dishes! Don't get me wrong i appreciate not doing the dishes but 9 out of 10 times it actually creates more work for me. I have been doing them for years so i know there is a certain order to do them in any other women agree? Plastics and baby items first, any utensils and not so dirty items next followed by really dirty and last greasy items. Well hubs likes to toss all in together and use the cup scrubber to wash pans and i end up with greasy feeling sippy cups that now need to be re washed and he also always leaves the sink full of water with some dishes that he didn't feel like washing and they get left soaking in greasy water all night that in the morning i now need to reach my hand into that cold filthy disgusting water to drain it !!! Can you tell i have to do it alot lol.   It really is just the half done jobs that now amount to extra work.

My second worst thing is when he leaves half sprayed poop diapers and doesn't tell me about them. We have an agreement that he doesn't need to spray poop or even take apart diapers and put in wet bag just change them and leave on top of washer i will take care of them. Just tell me about them so i can wash before bed. Well he decided to start spraying them and even though i have showed him how he again does half a  job and leaves it so i get up this morning to put all the pee diapers in wet bag and find a half sprayed one with now wet chunks on it and he didn't take out the insert before spraying so the water absorbed thru and stained and now i got a smelly mess to deal with blah! The best is when he takes my son's diaper off before bath time in our bedroom and leaves it on my side of the bed just what i want to see before i lay down.

Oh well such is married life i wouldn't trade him for any other husband (well maybe brad pitt) i love him with all my heart and appreciate his efforts i know there are hubby's out there who don't help out. He is the father of my children and i hope we have a long and happy life together. i love my husband

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holy Rain Batman!

WOW is all i have to say to the amount of rain that poured down on me as i had to run to my car after work.

Let me set the scene. So I'm working tonight at the local grocery store not a bad part time gig for a Sahm. We close at 10pm and it is 9:58 and the skies let loose all their fury. Torrential down pour does not describe it! Also like 40 mph winds blowing straight into my face as I'm trying to run to car. I cant even open my eyes there was so much rain blowing in my eyes and the water in the lot was up to my ankles!!!! Oh did i mention the employee parking is at far end of lot.

So by the time i got to my car I'm soaked to the bone i think i could have showered with my clothes on and been drier. I dumped water out of my shoes when i got home and looked like a drowned rat. What does hubs say when i walk in the door? "whats the big deal its just a little rain" Lmao he is lucky he cleaned the kitchen while i was working  : )

I'm more talented than i thought!

Yup i made that , i know your thinking no way! And that's what i said too lmao. Apparently i am more talented with a sewing machine than i gave my self credit for. But to be honest i have a hand me down,hand me down, machine that is VERY old. So any time i attempted something it would jam up with thread i would get frustrated and give up. Finally i said you need to get this thing cleaned/oiled. You don't have the money to be buying diapers! You can totally make these! So i did and wouldn't you know my ancient machine purrs like a kitten now that it got some tlc.   I am proud of my first attempt at a diaper this is a fleece pull on cover with an added soaker. I am trying fleece and wool for the first time since the hot summer is making my son break out in diaper area from the sweaty PUL cover. I tried this on him today with a prefold and it worked great, no leaks and it was nice and cool.   

Making it was fun although the waist band and leg cuffs can be a challenge, and of course I'm thinking I'm all cool making it and forgot to sew in the soaker before sewing the sides (arg slaps head) so that was fun to sew in. Maybe after i make myself a few more i can sell a few in my new shop? Any readers interested i would take some custom orders just let me know my family can use some extra moola.   : )

Friday, July 29, 2011

Come check out my new store!!

I have finally opened my new store on Hyena cart! While i only have a small number of items avalible right now there will be more to come soon and i am sending out some tester products as well so hopefully some reviews soon too! I am offering my homemade laundry detergent, pail freshener and all purpose cleaner. Adding soon cloth diaper detergent lotions and more. Lots of great scents to chose from too. Thanks for the support.

Hyena Cart check it out here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

midnight mommy 400 fan celebration!

Come and join one of my "sister" blog for her 400 Fan celebration! She is currently giving away pre-entries! Enter a few simple tasks and earn tons of enteries! So easy to do and i have gotten 40 entries for a giveaway that hasn't started how many will you earn? Head over to midnight mommy and earn yours now.

Midnight Mommy 400 fan

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bunzuke cloth diaper review

I like to try Wahm made diapers and I'm always a sucker for cute prints and this shop had the cutest prints! Very reasonable prices well worth the money. I can honestly say i have paid more for "name" brands that are not as nice. They are very soft inside and fit my LO perfect.(28 lbs toddler)  I purchased mine from her Etsy shop which i found very easy to navigate and had great info and pictures. I also got an optional convertabunz insert that can be used with these diapers by stuffing inside as a pocket, or snapping to it and making diaper an AI2. Or  the insert can also be used as a prefold diaper too! See website Here for great photos and explanation.

My package arrived very quickly and i washed it right up very excited to use it and so was my son he loves toy story! I will recommend washing the insert a few times before use i am always to excited to use things so i pay the price it did leak first couple times i used it, this was NOT because of bad function just my failure to wash enough. After about 3 washes it works great now it has reached absorbency and i have had  NO leaks since.

If you want a super cute well made Wahm made diaper i would recommend these to try.  As i write this review they are offering 1 lucky facebook fan 50% off code in honer of the new Hyena Cart when they reach 500 fans! And they are only 20 fans away last i checked! So be sure to check out the shops and Facebook and tell them Minnesota Momma sent you.

Very Trim fit no bulk
Great fit still has 2 snaps left to expand!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Attention Bloggers!  Do you want to promote your blog to hundreds even thousands of people at once! Then this is the site for you. Triberr is a free service that you join up with other bloggers. Everytime you post something to your blog it will auto upload to the site and it gets tweeted to all of your followers and then it automatically has all your "tribe" members retweet it out to their followers and that is how thousands of people see your posts!  check out Triberr to get details and see if you like it! The only way to join is to get an invite from a member. If you would like to join my tribe post below with your blog link and email and i will send link code. My tribes reach is over 3000 people and growing!
Also check out good tips and tricks post from fellow blogger Midnight Mommy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

In the Face of Autism: everyday fun

As many readers know my 3 year old son like many kids has Autism. Just wanted to share some of the fun we have on a daily basis. Today was a pretty typical day. We wake up when i hear him playing with his toy cars, he usually doesn't call out or cry which is nice. I go down stairs to greet him and get a smile which i am thankful for everyday i know alot of kids that don't.  When he is ready to get up the only thing on his mind is going up stairs he knows that comes next and it has to happen now! So he repeats "go upstairs" over and over. How ever we need to get dressed and change diaper first because 5 out of 7 days he has leaked thru his diaper and soaked his PJ's but he doesn't understand that so we struggle thru it and get it done with a few protests and sometimes some tears. When we are done and begin our walk up stairs it is like nothing happened and we are all smiles.

Now a typical day we go up, eat breakfast while watching tv but today was a little different. It was very hot in house last night so the fans were moved to keep us cool while LM was in bed. Now this messes with the routine and he immediately notices that they are out of place and insists i put them back where they go so i do and now i have to turn them on. Ok step one down now he sees the lamp on end table is off i is normally on all the time so i have to turn it on before the day can begin. Now that everything is in order we can start our day right? Nope daddy makes his exit from the bathroom, Arg (he is usually already at work when he gets up) so when he isn't it is a panic "daddy go work!"  Daddy smiles and wishes him a good morning even thou LM is freaking. I'm glad daddy doesn't take it personally that he hates him in the morning but don't worry LM greats him with a happy dance and kisses after work so that makes up  for it. Now that we have gotten thru all this we can finally eat breakfast and watch TV.  Phew just one of those days.

For those who don't know every day things take twice or triple the amount of time it would take a "normal" kid. The simple process of getting up and eating breakfast can take an hour or more and this particular morning i had yet to shower or even have my morning coffee. So it takes the patience and understanding of a saint. But i would not change it for anything in the world because those "special" qualities he has are who he is and it makes those everyday things so much sweeter and his break thru's and kisses so much more rewarding. I know personally that first time he said "love mommy" i cried like a baby and wouldn't stop hugging and kissing him because i knew he meant it and how much of an effort it took to finally express it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday Cup of Joe SPOTLIGHT!!!

Hooray! I have been chosen to spotlight this week for the Thursday cup of joe blog hop be sure to check it out HERE and of course follow your hosts
Hosted by Yes I Have A Coupon and 3 Princes and a Princess 2
and The Thrifty Things

The rules are easy. To be in the hop just follow the hosts. Following publicly is always nice. I do follow back, just please leave a comment so I can do so :) Also any and all Spam will be deleted! Only direct links to your blogs home page will be accepted.

Each week a blog will be chosen to be the spotlight blog of the week. It would be wonderful of you to follow them as well and stop by and say Hello!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Want To Test New Product?

Hello fellow bloggers and mommies. I am currently developing some product to sell in my etsy shop. I would like some people to test them for me and give me honest feedback. While i may think they work well i do not want to offer sub standard products so i need a few people to try them out and let me know what you think and possibly once my shop is up and running to do a review and possible giveaway!!

Currently i have available to test laundry detergent/cloth detergent and cloth diaper pail freshener which can be used to deodorize carpets,furniture ect. in the near future i will also have cleaning products and lotions to try as well. If you are interested please fill out the Form Here I will contact people about testing which product and your scent preference. If you know anyone who is interested send them by and feel free to share post with others the more the merrier!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Help a boy get a service dog

Ok this is a subject near and dear to my heart and i am asking my followers to please help this little boy get an Autism service dog to help him in his day to day life and keep him safe! As you may know my son also has autism so i can relate first hand to this mother/sons struggles Please visit her blog and read the touching story the video made me cry her son is only 1 month older than mine. All you have to do to help her win is click on a link and connect with face book so easy and it could change his life forever so what are you waiting for! Check it out now

Here is her video too thought it would help you decided to help thank you

Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy life this week

Hello followers i wanted to say I'm sorry for the lack of posts this last week i have been super busy. During the day it has been wicked hot and i have no AC in living area yuk! So this has lead to me not wanting to do much of anything and i have been working like every night so again not wanting to do anything during day lol. I am also researching different items in my down time. I am hoping to start my own etsy shop and sell things i make here at home like cleaning items,home made detergent,lotions ect. I enjoy doing it for myself and figured i could share it with others and make a little spare money. There are so many choices out there for materials it is tough to choose. Well just wanted to say hi and share my thoughts on starting an etsy shop. I will write up my next post in the cloth diaper series soon i promise!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coupon Giveaway!! $300 value*WINNER POSTED*

Thanks for all who entered! WINNER! picked by is number 16! Samantha! Congrats and check you email!
In the spirit of sharing my new found love of extreme couponing i have decided to hold a give away for a huge stack of coupons! There are many inserts of red plum and smart source and even this sundays popular P&G insert Total value if you were to use all of them would be over $300. You get them all including several buy one get one free's for health and beauty items.

Simple ways to enter:

1 entry follow blog via GFC leave comment below
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Be sure to leave a comment for every entry and leave email in at least 1 comment so i can contact if you if you win!  Giveaway will end sunday morning 7/10/11  winner will be posted by 12pm central.

Everyday life with Autism

Not a day goes by that someone doesn't make an off hand comment about my son that may seem innocent enough but to a parent of a child with many challenges it can get to be alot and some days i want to scream "mind your business stop presuming you know my child's problems!" I realize he has no outward signs of autism and no one would just know to look at him but it still hurts. On top of autism he also has severe eczema caused mostly by allergies so he always has skin rashes and constantly itches and often has bags under his eye "allergy eyes". So as i walk thru a store i always get the comments, oh has someone been crying?, got some bug bites little man?, oh my whats wrong with his skin?, Is someone tired?I could go on and on with the comments, is it just my kid? i know i don't walk up to strangers and say things about there kids unless it is too say, oh how cute. Sorry for the rant it has been a long week.

Today was a fun day we don't often go out to do things other than errands or to the park, but i decided to give it a whirl and go out for lunch at out local cafe. First thing the waitress comes over and engages him asking him his name and he just gives me the look of panic"mom why is she talking to me help!" So i answer for him and say he is shy. Oh cutie how old are you? Are you this many? He completely ignores her and points beyond her to some decorations on the wall. I know that they don't realize the pain they cause me on the inside as they are just reminding me that he is not like other kids so i proceed to order before she asks him more question and he gets upset. Our meal time goes great he enjoys his lunch and doesn't have any melt downs thank god. As we go to leave he notices the many fans around to keep the place cool. So much for no melt downs. I sigh since i know now it is gonna be a challenge to get him out. For about a month now he has had an obsession with fans. Any parent of an autistic child I'm sure knows the fun involved in obsessions. I spend most of my day turning our fans on and off depending on mood, there is not a fan in my home that can be off, When he gets up in the morning he leads me around to all the rooms to be sure they are all on. So we are in cafe and he "needs" this fan to be on or his world will come to an end, and trust me that is how he feels and acts accordingly! He is now repeating in an increasingly loud panic voice "fan on!" as the people around start to look on in puzzlement i try to diffuse the situation calmly i reach for his hand and of course he recoils in terror, lol nothing like your child acting like you beat him mercilessly every time you try to touch him. I smile and stay calm as his voice increases more and i notice a showcase full of toy cars! Yes he loves cars so i slowly reach for him as i point to cars and tell him want to climb up to mommy to see cars! Yes he took the bait! We go over to see the cars he is in my arms now so i don't need to worry about a fall on floor tantrum when i try to pick him up i am in control now and we are able to leave with little problems.  Home we go.

I love my son and wouldn't trade him for anything. Our everyday challenges can be stressful but he always makes me smile. Even as he throws himself on the floor to avoid my touch i have to laugh a little to think how lucky he is to be in a loving and patient family because i know alot of children in his situation might be neglected and ignored or even just assumed to be "bad" kids when truly it is not their fault.  I know that he cant help it and only hope i can help him live life to its fullest.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make your Own Diaper sprayer! Cheap!

I totally needed to share this video with everyone! I watched it then went out and got the parts and an hour later i had my own homemade sprayer! It is very easy to do you don't need to be a plummer and it only cost me $23 to make. Here is what you will need: 1- sink spray kit,  2-barb connectors size 3/8,  1- barb T connector 3/8, 5- clamp connectors, ball valve connector size 3/8 and thread tape.  Tools needed screw driver,hack saw, crescent wrench and pliers. I had my hubby do it just because i didn't want to be sawing things while kids were running around. It works fantastic so much better than my shower head that i was using before. If you were hesitant to get one before like i was because who wants to spend $ 45 on something for convenience here is your low cost solution and well worth  it!!! watch the video for step by step instructions.

Monday, July 4, 2011

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cloth Diaper series: options and buying

OK so maybe your still on the fence about switching to cloth here are a few interesting reasons to make the switch. Most people have heard that disposable take 500 years to disintegrate in the landfill! So why are you spending money on something your gonna toss in the trash when you can save so much with cloth. How much can you save? Well an average family will spend approximately $2500-$3000 on diapers from birth to 3 years old.  Cloth diapers will cost about $300 give or take to get a good size stash with some accessories. And if you choose real basic diaper like prefolds and covers you can spend even less. Did you also know that cloth diapered babies get much less diaper rash!

So you have decided to make the switch, now what? Sized or one size? Snaps or velcro? My best advice is try them before you buy. If your like me there are no places to shop for cloth in person. So you must rely on online stores. I know it can be challenging and a little scary to make an investment in an item that cant be returned,or can they? Well I have found a many sites have "try it" policies for new to cloth parents! It can be overwhelming and really it is best to get a few, try them out, play with them ,feel the material and of course put them on baby.
Sized vs. one size

The basic difference is that with the "sized" diapers it will fit your baby within a weight range for example the small size will fit approximately 8-16 lbs and when you baby grows you will need to buy new diapers in the next size. some parents prefer this to get a better fit. Also it is sometimes recommend for newborns and preemies some one size are alittle big or bulky on newborns and parents will use the one size when they get to infant stage.  One size diapers are like the above picture they will fit most babies from 8-30 lbs by adjusting the snaps on the front rise as they grow.  This means you will only need to buy one set of diapers from birth to potty. All though since cloth is so addictive you will find your self wanting to buy much more!

Velcro vs. Snaps

This is totally about preference most diapers offer a choice of either and it also depends on your baby. In the early years of wiggly baby velcro can be quicker and easier to get on but by the time they grow out of wiggle they are old enough to figure out how to take off the velcro and snaps become more popular in toddler years. I have about half and half. When deciding on which ones to get look at the velcro models laundry tabs. This is the part that holds the velcro while washing the diapers to prevent diaper chains in the wash.  I have found not all are created equal there are some that fold over but wont quite stick and end up coming loose in the wash and some that are great and stick very well.

Try before you buy!
Here are some resources for you to start. These are a few popular cloth diaper retailers that i have purchased from and would recommend. All of these have a "try it" policy so you can give them a whirl risk free to figure out what works best for you. Obviously read thru the policies carefully to be sure you understand how they handle returns and of what product they accept as part of the try it period every site is  a little different i will give you a basic breakdown of each but keep in mind things change so be sure to read it on their site as well.

This is the site that started all for me (thank you crystal) I was totally lost and confused as to what to buy and i called her up and she answered all my stupid questions patiently and was very informative. I got the standard trial pack that includes a variety of different one size diapers to try out including pockets, all in ones and hybrids styles.  You have 30 days to try out your diapers and return the ones you don't like and keep the ones you do. After they receive your returns you can choose ones to replace and pay any difference in price if any. They also have a try and exchange program if you already have some idea of what you want that you can pick out the diapers you want try them for 10 days and keep or exchange them. Definitely a great way to start cloth diapering you can also see if they have a consultant near you that can help you decided where to Start! Great site fast shipping and easy to contact. Also free shipping on orders over $79 and has reward program.

Nicki's has a try and wash program as well where you can pick out cloth diapers you want to try and keep them for 15 days and again keep what you like and exchange the ones you don't. I purchased from this site when i decided to try out covers for the first time. I was unsure which brands would work best for me so i literally ordered one of each cover available and tried them all out! I think i ended up keeping 2 and returning the rest but it was simple to do and i was emailed a credit voucher for my returns and i picked out my new items.  Great site fast shipping. Offers free shipping on orders over $75 and free on other various items at different times as well as free gift on purchase over $100.

This site has a slightly limited try it program but it is on the most popular brands of diapers so you may want to give this one a try. You can try them out for a full 30 days and the best part of this is that you can receive full refund of money back if not satisfied! This is a great feature unique to this site for those who truly on the fence but I'm sure once you try you will love it! I have purchased some diaper product from them and have great selection and good customer service. Fast shipping, great service,customer reward program,And free shipping on orders over $49!

Hope this has helped you in your decision on purchasing cloth diapers! As with all sites be sure to read thru their policies carefully! And obviously all returns must be washed and free of stains. Original shipping is not returned and you are responsible for shipping back to them. Next up in Series: Washing and care of diapers!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cloth Diaper series: How to Begin

So you have seen all these blogs talking about cloth diapers and you think one of 2 things, these mothers are crazy hippies no way am i doing that, or looks interesting but i don't know where to start?

Now I'm going to be honest i actually fell into that first category and i bet alot of new moms do for one reason because no one showed you how simple cloth diapering really is. I was lead to believe that cloth was those things we all use as burp rags pinned on to a baby covered by plastic pants and that they were messy,gross, and required lots of time and effort. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  Cloth diapers come a long way from the time our parents used them. They are easy to use, easy to wash, and come in such a variety there really is a system that can work for everybody. Oh and did i mention the adorable colors and prints! They get addictive for sure! I plan to publish several post in this series to go over as many aspects of cloth diapering as i can think of from how to buy,washing,tips,accessories and resources and maybe some more any suggestions are welcome.

Ok so maybe you have done alittle research on the subject and maybe got a little overwhelmed with the variety like me. And thought oh god what do i buy? What will work best? Here are the different kinds of and break downs of how they work. And cloth diaper lingo.

All in one: AIO
These are the easiest of the diaper systems to use nothing to stuff or fold. It is all sewn together with a water proof PUL liner. These diapers are favorites of daddy's and new to cloth parents.

pros: easy to use, absorbent,water proof
cons: more expensive per diaper, long time to dry, can be bulky,needs to be washed every use

All in two:AI2
Very similar to the AIO except that the insert will either snap onto the diaper or is sewn to front/back but comes out when washing so cuts down on dry time, Usually has pocket opening to add more absorbency
pro: less drying time than the AIO, easy to use
cons: slightly expensive,needs to washed every use

These are one of the more popular types of diapers available now. These are the type i personal started using when i started and still have them around for daddy and grandma. They are PUL waterproof outer layer. The inside of the diaper is usually a stay dry micro fleece or suede cloth that draws moisture away from baby. The term pocket is because you "stuff" the insert of your choice into the opening of the diaper. Most will come with a micro fleece, Bamboo, or hemp insert you can also use prefolds as well and double up for overnight use. Some parents don't like having to stuff and pull out inserts but i don't find it to be that much work. Cute pic i found on google

pros: Easy to use,can add absorbency, faster dry time, trim fit
cons: need to stuff inserts,need to wash every use


These are the best of modern cloth diapers and are great for the "on the fence" parents. They combine different elements of many systems. They generally consist of a waterproof shell/cover and have liners that snap into place and shell can be reused. The great part is that there are disposable inserts available as well for most hybrids for times when you may not want to have to wash diapers.

pros:very easy,reusable shell ,quicker dry time,disposable liner use
cons: can get spendy buying disposable liners, only snap in liners made for diapers can be used


These are the closest to what our parents used. Fitted are sewn and sized according to your baby so you will need to size up as baby grows they are hour glass shaped and usually have elastic gusset legs to keep in the mess and are made of various absorbent materials. Keep in mind they are not waterproof on their own and require a cover to be water proof. They are held on with either pins or snappis(they are grasp diaper and hold on without pins)  Prefolds are the diapers that need to be folded onto your baby and will take some practice to get the hang of it but are the most economical way to go for diapering. You can use them as the diaper and put a cover over to make water proof just like with fitted or you can also trifold them and use as insert. Here is a good video to demonstrate folding as well- video
pros: cheapest way to diaper,faster drying,
cons: not waterproof alone,takes practice

Covers are my favorite way to cloth diaper. They are easy (all though my husband still loves pockets better),versatile and reusable.  There are lots of different kinds of covers. I like the PUL you can choose what to put in them as far as inserts and when they get wet simple wipe down replace insert and use again till soiled. i can generally use only 2 covers a day which is great come wash day.  There are also wool covers that are referred to as soakers or longies i have personally not tried them so i cant claim to have expertise on the subject but i can say that people who use them swear by it. From what i read they are great at regulating temperature and excellent at keeping dry and don't need to be washed very often. Here is a link on wool care.
pros: easy, versatile, cost effective
cons: not daddy friendly?

Ok alot of info to read thru so that is where i will end for now. Keep an eye out for the next in the series: Sizing and options