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Cloth Diaper series: options and buying

OK so maybe your still on the fence about switching to cloth here are a few interesting reasons to make the switch. Most people have heard that disposable take 500 years to disintegrate in the landfill! So why are you spending money on something your gonna toss in the trash when you can save so much with cloth. How much can you save? Well an average family will spend approximately $2500-$3000 on diapers from birth to 3 years old.  Cloth diapers will cost about $300 give or take to get a good size stash with some accessories. And if you choose real basic diaper like prefolds and covers you can spend even less. Did you also know that cloth diapered babies get much less diaper rash!

So you have decided to make the switch, now what? Sized or one size? Snaps or velcro? My best advice is try them before you buy. If your like me there are no places to shop for cloth in person. So you must rely on online stores. I know it can be challenging and a little scary to make an investment in an item that cant be returned,or can they? Well I have found a many sites have "try it" policies for new to cloth parents! It can be overwhelming and really it is best to get a few, try them out, play with them ,feel the material and of course put them on baby.
Sized vs. one size

The basic difference is that with the "sized" diapers it will fit your baby within a weight range for example the small size will fit approximately 8-16 lbs and when you baby grows you will need to buy new diapers in the next size. some parents prefer this to get a better fit. Also it is sometimes recommend for newborns and preemies some one size are alittle big or bulky on newborns and parents will use the one size when they get to infant stage.  One size diapers are like the above picture they will fit most babies from 8-30 lbs by adjusting the snaps on the front rise as they grow.  This means you will only need to buy one set of diapers from birth to potty. All though since cloth is so addictive you will find your self wanting to buy much more!

Velcro vs. Snaps

This is totally about preference most diapers offer a choice of either and it also depends on your baby. In the early years of wiggly baby velcro can be quicker and easier to get on but by the time they grow out of wiggle they are old enough to figure out how to take off the velcro and snaps become more popular in toddler years. I have about half and half. When deciding on which ones to get look at the velcro models laundry tabs. This is the part that holds the velcro while washing the diapers to prevent diaper chains in the wash.  I have found not all are created equal there are some that fold over but wont quite stick and end up coming loose in the wash and some that are great and stick very well.

Try before you buy!
Here are some resources for you to start. These are a few popular cloth diaper retailers that i have purchased from and would recommend. All of these have a "try it" policy so you can give them a whirl risk free to figure out what works best for you. Obviously read thru the policies carefully to be sure you understand how they handle returns and of what product they accept as part of the try it period every site is  a little different i will give you a basic breakdown of each but keep in mind things change so be sure to read it on their site as well.

This is the site that started all for me (thank you crystal) I was totally lost and confused as to what to buy and i called her up and she answered all my stupid questions patiently and was very informative. I got the standard trial pack that includes a variety of different one size diapers to try out including pockets, all in ones and hybrids styles.  You have 30 days to try out your diapers and return the ones you don't like and keep the ones you do. After they receive your returns you can choose ones to replace and pay any difference in price if any. They also have a try and exchange program if you already have some idea of what you want that you can pick out the diapers you want try them for 10 days and keep or exchange them. Definitely a great way to start cloth diapering you can also see if they have a consultant near you that can help you decided where to Start! Great site fast shipping and easy to contact. Also free shipping on orders over $79 and has reward program.

Nicki's has a try and wash program as well where you can pick out cloth diapers you want to try and keep them for 15 days and again keep what you like and exchange the ones you don't. I purchased from this site when i decided to try out covers for the first time. I was unsure which brands would work best for me so i literally ordered one of each cover available and tried them all out! I think i ended up keeping 2 and returning the rest but it was simple to do and i was emailed a credit voucher for my returns and i picked out my new items.  Great site fast shipping. Offers free shipping on orders over $75 and free on other various items at different times as well as free gift on purchase over $100.

This site has a slightly limited try it program but it is on the most popular brands of diapers so you may want to give this one a try. You can try them out for a full 30 days and the best part of this is that you can receive full refund of money back if not satisfied! This is a great feature unique to this site for those who truly on the fence but I'm sure once you try you will love it! I have purchased some diaper product from them and have great selection and good customer service. Fast shipping, great service,customer reward program,And free shipping on orders over $49!

Hope this has helped you in your decision on purchasing cloth diapers! As with all sites be sure to read thru their policies carefully! And obviously all returns must be washed and free of stains. Original shipping is not returned and you are responsible for shipping back to them. Next up in Series: Washing and care of diapers!

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Cloth Diaper series: How to Begin

So you have seen all these blogs talking about cloth diapers and you think one of 2 things, these mothers are crazy hippies no way am i doing that, or looks interesting but i don't know where to start?

Now I'm going to be honest i actually fell into that first category and i bet alot of new moms do for one reason because no one showed you how simple cloth diapering really is. I was lead to believe that cloth was those things we all use as burp rags pinned on to a baby covered by plastic pants and that they were messy,gross, and required lots of time and effort. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  Cloth diapers come a long way from the time our parents used them. They are easy to use, easy to wash, and come in such a variety there really is a system that can work for everybody. Oh and did i mention the adorable colors and prints! They get addictive for sure! I plan to publish several post in this series to go over as many aspects of cloth diapering as i can think of from how to buy,washing,tips,accessories and resources and maybe some more any suggestions are welcome.

Ok so maybe you have done alittle research on the subject and maybe got a little overwhelmed with the variety like me. And thought oh god what do i buy? What will work best? Here are the different kinds of and break downs of how they work. And cloth diaper lingo.

All in one: AIO
These are the easiest of the diaper systems to use nothing to stuff or fold. It is all sewn together with a water proof PUL liner. These diapers are favorites of daddy's and new to cloth parents.

pros: easy to use, absorbent,water proof
cons: more expensive per diaper, long time to dry, can be bulky,needs to be washed every use

All in two:AI2
Very similar to the AIO except that the insert will either snap onto the diaper or is sewn to front/back but comes out when washing so cuts down on dry time, Usually has pocket opening to add more absorbency
pro: less drying time than the AIO, easy to use
cons: slightly expensive,needs to washed every use

These are one of the more popular types of diapers available now. These are the type i personal started using when i started and still have them around for daddy and grandma. They are PUL waterproof outer layer. The inside of the diaper is usually a stay dry micro fleece or suede cloth that draws moisture away from baby. The term pocket is because you "stuff" the insert of your choice into the opening of the diaper. Most will come with a micro fleece, Bamboo, or hemp insert you can also use prefolds as well and double up for overnight use. Some parents don't like having to stuff and pull out inserts but i don't find it to be that much work. Cute pic i found on google

pros: Easy to use,can add absorbency, faster dry time, trim fit
cons: need to stuff inserts,need to wash every use


These are the best of modern cloth diapers and are great for the "on the fence" parents. They combine different elements of many systems. They generally consist of a waterproof shell/cover and have liners that snap into place and shell can be reused. The great part is that there are disposable inserts available as well for most hybrids for times when you may not want to have to wash diapers.

pros:very easy,reusable shell ,quicker dry time,disposable liner use
cons: can get spendy buying disposable liners, only snap in liners made for diapers can be used


These are the closest to what our parents used. Fitted are sewn and sized according to your baby so you will need to size up as baby grows they are hour glass shaped and usually have elastic gusset legs to keep in the mess and are made of various absorbent materials. Keep in mind they are not waterproof on their own and require a cover to be water proof. They are held on with either pins or snappis(they are grasp diaper and hold on without pins)  Prefolds are the diapers that need to be folded onto your baby and will take some practice to get the hang of it but are the most economical way to go for diapering. You can use them as the diaper and put a cover over to make water proof just like with fitted or you can also trifold them and use as insert. Here is a good video to demonstrate folding as well- video
pros: cheapest way to diaper,faster drying,
cons: not waterproof alone,takes practice

Covers are my favorite way to cloth diaper. They are easy (all though my husband still loves pockets better),versatile and reusable.  There are lots of different kinds of covers. I like the PUL you can choose what to put in them as far as inserts and when they get wet simple wipe down replace insert and use again till soiled. i can generally use only 2 covers a day which is great come wash day.  There are also wool covers that are referred to as soakers or longies i have personally not tried them so i cant claim to have expertise on the subject but i can say that people who use them swear by it. From what i read they are great at regulating temperature and excellent at keeping dry and don't need to be washed very often. Here is a link on wool care.
pros: easy, versatile, cost effective
cons: not daddy friendly?

Ok alot of info to read thru so that is where i will end for now. Keep an eye out for the next in the series: Sizing and options

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Monkey butt design wipe bits REPOST

I reposted to share that there is currently a 20% off code posted on product FB page follow link and like page be sure to tell her i sent you :)
my FB page
Now first i would like to say i have been searching for a good wipe bits for awhile my son has eczema and is sensitive to EVERYTHING. We don't even use soap in the bath and I'm sad to say I've never been able to use stuff from Johnson's, and every mother wants there new baby to smell nice but that is a distant memory. Not to say that he smells bad lol cause he doesn't he is a baby whats to smell bad other than his diaper. I have tried other "natural" soap bits/lotions ect and most cause a break out or just smell funny or leave residue. That being said i have finally found a winner!! Kim is a great WAHM to work with, has good communication and very helpful in answer questions.

 Well on to my review :) There are so many different scents it was so hard to choose! After much debate i finally decided on baby clean and doodle bug. I got 2 mini which is great for people who like to try many scents they come with 20 bits and are very reasonable priced at only $4.00 per bag. I was very excited when my box arrived i was practically mixing them before i got it out of the package! I also found it great that she included a print out of how to mix i have ordered others in the past and had to go online to look it up. Very easy to do just 12oz of water and drop in 1-2 bits depending on how much scent you want. It recommends hot water to dissolve faster and within a few minutes of mixing it was ready and smelled great. I poured my into a foaming bottle and just pump some onto my wipes and wash baby's bum. Goes on smooth with a hint of fragrance and no sticky residue and no need to rinse. After a week of using i am happy to say we have break outs or rashes and i am in love with the scents!. I will definitely recommend these bits for cloth use. All the ingredients are listed on her site and i found her very willing to answer questions about product. This is a caption from her site "Back in 2006, I made, tested, and perfected a soap bits recipe to fit my son's Cloth Diapering needs-he has extremely sensitive skin. After much testing, I finally created a soap bits recipe that is great for sensitive skin. I had been testing these for almost a year with the members over at Live Journal's Cloth Diapering community, with rave reviews and many returning customers. Some I have had for years! I decided to go I official as a business in the middle of 2008. These soap bits have become quite popular, especially with mommas that have babies with sensitive skin. Ask any fan of my soap bits, they get addicted to them. 

Here is a link to check them out for yourself

Also follow on Facebook :

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Review: Soft and cozy wipes

This review is for some cloth wipes made by a WAHM found on Diaper swappers.

I am the type of person who loves to look thru custom sites like etsy and diaper swappers for great wahm made items. I have always been a sucker for custom items. I just don't always like the mass brand with little choice of colors and hardly any prints. So when I started using cloth wipes i got a trial pack from my Favorite online diaper shop that gave me one of each brand available, some were good some not so good : ( Out of the mass produced brands i liked the thirsties fab wipes the best with kissaluv organic a close second.

Now with that said these WAHM wipes blow these out of the water! They are in a whole other league!
How can you not love these prints with a toddler at home!

These wipes are made out of soft high quality,designer flannel prints on one side and super fluffy ,soft minky fleece on the other. There are not words to describe how soft and fluffy these wipes are. 
Pic does not do softness justice

One of the great feature that i think help them to last wash after wash is the unique X pattern stitch across the wipes. I have been using these for several months and they are still as soft as the day i got them.  I can say i am alittle jealous my little one gets his bum wiped with such comfy softness i almost want to use them myself.
I keep them folded in my old wipe tub and spray them with my favorite wipe solution in a spray bottle and they are good to go makes clean up a cinch i rarely need to use 2 wipes unless it is a huge mess and the cool part is the fleece is super easy to clean! The mess runs right off with diaper sprayer i doesn't stick at all to fabric.

Available in her shop are many pre-made designs that change as they are made/sold or you can go my route and get a custom job i told her what i was looking for my son like Disney and dinosaurs and she emailed me pics of what she could get i choose what i liked and in a few weeks they were done and shipped! Please check out her shop on diaper swappers for the best wipes you will ever buy!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Horrible day

today was the worst day i need to vent! So my son is almost 3 and we have been told he probably has autism and we as parents can see the signs and are dealing with him everyday and know that it is a reality. That is a story for another post. We have been seeing his DR who finally set up a referral to a clinic that does the actual "autism screening/diagnosis" mind you we had to wait 3 weeks for appointment this whole process has been on going since about April. Now i have our appointment set up for this up coming monday and needless to say i have been nervous and losing sleep wondering what the outcome will be and how to deal with it. I get his new patient questioner in the mail today and it is for a "speech analysis" first thing i think is "what i already know he has a speech delay" and we are already seeing someone for that!!!!!!! So i call the office only to find out my DR set up the wrong appointment and we are not getting the autism screening so i say ok when can you see him then only then to be informed the are not taking new patients for that here are some numbers for other clinics. I hang up and this is when i cry the first time today. Dont worry it gets worse.

After i shed my tears of despair and frustration i call the 2 numbers im provided with and left a message of course why would they pick up the phone right?! Now im ready to cry again so i hop online and find another place to call and of course they dont answer another message. After about an hour someone calls me back to say they have a 9 month waiting list for new patients! Yup 9 months to get answers about how to treat my son who is to me obviously autistic and struggling some days i can hardly get thru my day sanity intact but god help me i love him to death. The nice person who called me was nice enough to provide me with a few more numbers and after calling ,and leaving messages with 5 clinics i finally got one to take us in a month. Oh and the others still havent called back

Long story and painful rant later: I understand that there are alot of kids being diagnosed with autism but as a frustrated stressed out parent dont they know we just need some answers and some hope and maybe just someone to tell us it is ok we can help you! To have to wait so long when i just need some help. Ok i feel alittle better now i have a headache from crying most of the day every time i look at my little angel i would tear up just thinking about how much i love him and just want him to have the best out of this life and to be normal, then he throws his juice cup at me tosses himself on the floor and cries (Thats how he tells me he want more juice) then i laugh and say of course little lamb juice coming right up. Give him his juice ,a kiss on the head and help him with his puzzle. all is right in his world for now. :)
Sorry this is a poorly written rant but i had to get it off my chest thx for listening melissa

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100 followers Giveaway!! Winner announcement!

Winner Announcement!
Picked from Random org was comment#9

OK time for a giveaway! When my Blog reaches 100 followers i will choose 1 lucky follower from the comments to get there choice of 1 favorite color of tweedle bug Cloth diaper covers and they will also get assorted samples of Green panda wipe bits and foaming bottle. winner picked using random org

How to Enter:

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Fine print: Winners selected by random org 
Personal info and email address used for giveaway purpose only not sold or distributed.
Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 2 days or new winner will be selected.
 winners will also be posted on blog and FB.
While i can make you stay i would like it if you would continue to follow after contest Thanks and have fun!

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Green Challenge part 2

Time for some homemade cleaner recipes! Now i will admit this is not for everyone but having all natural cleaners in your home is great for our planet and they clean as good if not better than store brands. Also they are half the cost to make if not less!!

Window cleaner:
 What you will need-
                                     2 cups water
                                     1/4 cup vinegar
                                   natural soap
                                   food coloring

Now this one i tried a few different recipes and this is the one i found to work the best. I have read that soap helps to get rid of the residue left by other cleaners i added it to make it smell nice as well. Simple to make add water and vinegar into spray bottle of your choice. To be "extra green" use an old cleaner bottle washed out real well. You can also add Castile 1/2 teaspoon in favorite scent to cover up vinegar or boost cleaning. I made mine by putting Diaper wipe bits into hot water until melted then added vinegar i put one drop of food coloring so i could tell cleaners apart.  Now just as a side note if you don't have any soap no worries the vinegar smell goes away once dried.
Now how it works, i was a little sceptical to be honest but it worked great it easily made quick work of the crayon and dog slobber that plagued my windows. I will warn you that the cleaner does leave this weird i guess you could call it streaking effect i was disappointed at first but it disappears quickly as it dries and leaves it crystal clean! If you want to be "extra green" use an old t-shirt cut up to clean your windows.

All purpose cleaner:

What you will need-      2 cups hot water
                                    1/4 teaspoon washing powder
                                    natural soap 1/2 teaspoon castile or 2 wipe bits

How to make it pour hot water into spray bottle add wipe bits and washing powder shake till mixed or wait till but dissolve. I use to clean kitchen counters and most surfaces around the house i love the way it smells too, i sat at my kitchen table this morning and could still smell the freshness.

I am currently experimenting/testing some other home cleaning recipes so far i have tried toilet cleaner with 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar it worked good i will try again and try a few variations and give my final verdict. I am going to try some others as well and update as i go! If you have tried anything that has worked and you want to share please post a comment thanks!!

Green Challenge part 1

I would like to share my path to being more green now i would love to say its to save our planet and in part it is because it a great reason but the biggest driving force for me lately has been to save money. And i have saved a ton of money and the reward of not polluting our planet has felt good too! I find myself cringing at all the waste we as a society just throw away and it makes me want to change! How did we become such as society of consumables, Oh yeah we are lazy and disposable is so much easier. Well I'm here to say that while a little easier, in the end the reward is much better than the few minutes it take to reuse something. I will share with you the things i have done and tried and help you to become more earth friendly and also save some money in this tough economy.  Obviously the big one that i started is cloth diapers, i have talked a little about them already so i will tackle that another day. Today's topic is home cleaning.

Paper towels! This is one of the worst inventions! Such a waste, It is amazing how much using cloth diapers has opened my eyes. The next disposable thing to go was the paper towels. I am one who used to have a thing for dish towels i thought they were disease traps and wouldn't go near them but since having a baby who now wipes his face on my shirt several times a day i have gotten over it. Now they are convenient yes, and nice to just throw away the mess, now besides the obvious of filling the landfills and killing trees which everyone knows. Think of it from your wallets view: Roll of paper towels cost around $2.00 give or take and i know i was going thru a roll about once a week maybe 2 weeks if i didn't feel much like cleaning or i dried my hands with a towel.  Now i got a package of 18 cotton terry towels for that same $2.00 at walmart and i use them for all my cleaning needs and i have actually found they work way better! You don't need to use 3 or more towels to clean the counters just the one if it gets dirty you don't throw it away you just rinse it off.  I pinned one to my swiffer and mopped my floor with it and i liked the results better than the disposable pads rather than pushing around the wet dust/dirt in clumps that you need to pick up later all the crud stuck to the towels and i washed it off.  I have been using cotton towels to clean for about 4 months now and i can honestly say i don't even miss paper towels. I do have a roll around for grease clean up but I'm hoping to find an alternative, i have read that used coffee grounds work i will let you know how it turns out when i try it. Any suggestions let me know i love to hear what you think! 

If you are one of those mama's who likes to have custom things (like me when i had money) there are wahm's who make what they call unpaper towels they are cute and can be made to your liking with different patterns and cloths. They even have some that snap together on a roll. They have them available in alot of etsy shops or you can check out the wahm section of diaper swappers if your interested

Up coming green challenge features:
home made cleaning products
cloth diapers
mama cloth
reader suggestions?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wet Bag review

How can you not fall in love with that adorable print! As soon as i saw it i knew i had to give it a try. I am one of those people who loves to get custom items from WAHM's. I was in need of some wet bags because others i had tried were just not doing it for me and the mass brand kinds have such boring prints. Where did i find this gem, well eBay of all places! This mama (Kristen) has a little site under the name five two nine baby and she does great work.

How they work:  
I ordered my first bag size small for on the go/shopping trips it holds around 2 diapers and inserts. And i love that i can just snap the handle to my purse and go. I liked the bag so much i had ordered 2 more within a few days of receiving. Getting a medium size wet/dry and a large hanging bag.  They are made very well with cute outer prints, pul inside and zipper closure. They keep the stink in very well i have the large one hanging in my kitchen it holds close to 20 diapers plus inserts and even when the temp in my home got to 80 last week i didn't notice any smells! I also have been using all 3 for several months now and have had no leaking or wicking problems either.
  Available to purchase are 3 sizes of zippered wet bags you can also add a dry pocket option, and in the large size you can choose from several different handle types. Also available are Pail liners and mama cloth bags. She has a rainbow of prints to choose from sure to please anyone.

If you would like to check them out or order one for yourself here is a link for her site on baby center:

or you can check out ebay postings:

Thanks for reading hope you give a WAHM some love

Friday, June 10, 2011

Extreme Coupons!

Today i went to the local grocery store to buy my weeks worth of food. I wanted to take sometime to share how i save my family an average of $30 a week off of $100 in food. And even more at Walmart buying household items like deodorant, body wash , cleaning supplies, ect. Now it doesn't seem like much I'm not getting $500 in free stuff like those people on the TV but lets be honest does anyone need 50 bottles of detergent? They are not buying what normal people would consume. I'm just an average person saving money buying what i need on a weekly basis.

Now first off i live in an area where no one doubles coupons i cant even use 2 different manufacturers  coupons on the same item unless I'm real crafty. The first tip i have is on how to get the coupons. The most obvious place is the Sunday paper.  I don't even buy one personal i don't read it so why waste $2+ of you profits buying multiple papers. Here's a tip, get to know someone at the local market or convenience store on monday morning all the on sold paper get recycled or tossed in the trash all they need to send back for credit is the cut out of the front page! Dont be afraid to go in when they open chat up the clerk and ask if you can take the inserts, let them know they are helping out your family. I personally get 3-5 inserts a week from my store :)

Printing from the internet:  I check out a few sites weekly to print out additional coupons there is one called magnify the savings that has coupons for things usually on sale that current week so you are getting even more off the sale price. Alot of these sites want email addresses i recommend that you set up a separate free Gmail account just for this to help avoid spam and other junk from flooding your personal email. If there is something your looking for but dont have a coupon try to goggle the item or check out the manufacturers  website they always have coupons to print this week i got some from tums and betty crocker.
sites to try:

now alot of these have the same coupons but everyone has a favorite.

Now that you have the coupons what do you do with them? Well to maximize you saving always watch for sales. Grab the flyers and if your running errands scout the store, it seems silly but if you have an idea of whats  going on you can better plan your shopping trip organization is the key! Always have a list so you know what you need to get and have coupons ready before you go to register cashiers get huffy and are less likely to not make a mistake if your holding up the line digging for things. I keep a stack of ones i know im going to use and a stack of maybe's i give the first stack to cashier as im sorting thru for the maybe's i did use so i have them ready by the time she is done.  This weeks big score from the grocery store: They had Hamburger helper on sale for 10 boxes for $10 then if you got 10 they gave you 2 free for a total of 12 for $10 i had 4 $1.00 off 3 box coupons so i paid $6.00 for 12 boxes.

Next tip is saving on health and beauty type products or non-food items.  This stuff is not typically on sale but there are great ways to save big by using multiple coupons the smart way. Example this week i had a buy one get one free coupon for deodorant that retails for $4.24 and on top of that i also had $1.00 off one of those same items using all 3 coupons i got 2 for $2,24. Now as much as i dont like to shop there walmart is usually the best place to get this stuff cheap target can be good on occasion. Most of these coupons are good for months so save them till you can use a bunch together. With BoGo and dollar off this week i got $55 dollars in deodorant,lotions.bodywash,toothpaste,shaving items for only $20. 

Thanks for reading if you have questions i will be happy to help and please feel free to share your tips or success stories!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hiney Liney 5 star Review

great fit 28lbs toddler

I would like to start by saying this is one of the best diapers ever! I like alot of cloth diapers and i have a large variety in my stash and as i find ones i like i tend to destash the ones i don't reach for as often i am currently destashing a bunch to afford to get more of these!! That is how much i love them i only wish i knew about them sooner!

I got my first hiney liney after winning a mothers day contest on FB and getting a great coupon code from owner sheila,these are wahm invented and made in the usa! The first thing i was impressed with was the packing. Alot of cloth get shipped in envelopes and of course they are not breakable but they do get dusty sometimes. Mine arrived in bag inside the envelope and had a cute little ribbon tied around it :) I'm a person who likes the personal touches, what can i say I'm a sucker lol.

The system they have is awesome this diaper has so many uses it truly is versatile , first it can be used as a plain old cover and you can put your favorite prefold or insert in. You can also get the all in two system that has a snap in stay dry liney made with suede cloth with a super absorbent zorb insert sewn right on and you can get extra of these inserts so you can use same cover over again until soiled. Lastly you can use this as an all in three system with just snap in liney and the insert of your choice. 

I purchased the all in two system with zorb insert and 2 extra lineys.
cover with zorb insert
all put together

We have been using for about a month now and have had no leaks at all i have even left my heavy wetter in diaper for several hours to get a good "test" but those zorb inserts really hold liquid very well! I start my day with all in liney then use same cover and snap in new liney with my own inserts thru out the day, I like the stay dry liners for the soiled diaper it drops into toilet so nice and easy no spraying needed like with pockets. I honestly cant think of any cons to this diaper i could go on forever singing the praises thou.

I have already purchased a second diaper and hope to get more soon The owner sheila is great to work with i highly recommend to anyone to try these out! I promise you will love them. Here is a link to website and also FB page. Thanks for reading always happy to answer question if you would like to know more.