Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful sunny day

Ah finally some sun shine here on lake Washington its a beautiful spring day after a long miserable wet,cold week.
I really felt like i should take advantage of the sun and do some things outside. So my son and i headed out and we watered the grass seed,did some gardening and picked up yard debris and put out our oriole feeders. Then we installed my new outdoor cloth line and hung his diapers out to dry.

We have had to dry out diapers indoors all winter and it feels so satisfying to see my CD's blowing in the sunny breeze. They already smell fresh and clean and they have only been hanging for an hour. My orioles are also happily eating the jelly and nectar i left for them i also think my neighbors get jealous because they prefer my feeders every year but its just because they are nice and high and closer to the trees. Anyone else happy to have sun to dry diapers again? Any good bird watching tales or rare birds come to your yard? I'm personally hoping to attract a scarlet tanager i saw near by.

tried to get a good bird pic but they always see me coming good as i could do its an oriole for those who dont know :)

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  1. We're in TX so we always have sun for diaper drying but regardless, diapers on the line make my heart happy :)