Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hiney Liney 5 star Review

great fit 28lbs toddler

I would like to start by saying this is one of the best diapers ever! I like alot of cloth diapers and i have a large variety in my stash and as i find ones i like i tend to destash the ones i don't reach for as often i am currently destashing a bunch to afford to get more of these!! That is how much i love them i only wish i knew about them sooner!

I got my first hiney liney after winning a mothers day contest on FB and getting a great coupon code from owner sheila,these are wahm invented and made in the usa! The first thing i was impressed with was the packing. Alot of cloth get shipped in envelopes and of course they are not breakable but they do get dusty sometimes. Mine arrived in bag inside the envelope and had a cute little ribbon tied around it :) I'm a person who likes the personal touches, what can i say I'm a sucker lol.

The system they have is awesome this diaper has so many uses it truly is versatile , first it can be used as a plain old cover and you can put your favorite prefold or insert in. You can also get the all in two system that has a snap in stay dry liney made with suede cloth with a super absorbent zorb insert sewn right on and you can get extra of these inserts so you can use same cover over again until soiled. Lastly you can use this as an all in three system with just snap in liney and the insert of your choice. 

I purchased the all in two system with zorb insert and 2 extra lineys.
cover with zorb insert
all put together

We have been using for about a month now and have had no leaks at all i have even left my heavy wetter in diaper for several hours to get a good "test" but those zorb inserts really hold liquid very well! I start my day with all in liney then use same cover and snap in new liney with my own inserts thru out the day, I like the stay dry liners for the soiled diaper it drops into toilet so nice and easy no spraying needed like with pockets. I honestly cant think of any cons to this diaper i could go on forever singing the praises thou.

I have already purchased a second diaper and hope to get more soon The owner sheila is great to work with i highly recommend to anyone to try these out! I promise you will love them. Here is a link to website and also FB page. Thanks for reading always happy to answer question if you would like to know more.

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