Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sorry for ignoring my blog

Hello faithful readers i have felt kinda guilty for not posting very much this summer but it has been busy. As a family we have been enjoying the sun shine. And also having alot of appointment for my son to get him the right therapy he needs which has not been fun or easy. He has need so much of my attention and i have been happy to give it to him and so my blog has been furthest from my mind.  I will post a quick giveaway hopefully today if time allows for a taggie blanket and maybe some more things to welcome back my posts. Also be sure to keep an eye out i have signed up for a made with love giveaway hop!! Very excited to be part of this event! check out link on side bar for more details and also if you are interested in sponsoring be sure to contact me. thanks for sticking with me love you all melissa

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