Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love my husband but.....

I love my husband dearly and he is always helping with things around the house and he takes care of our son on nights when i have to work. However there are days when i wish he would just leave things to me sigh....  Some tasks are just better left to mommy to do for example the dishes! Don't get me wrong i appreciate not doing the dishes but 9 out of 10 times it actually creates more work for me. I have been doing them for years so i know there is a certain order to do them in any other women agree? Plastics and baby items first, any utensils and not so dirty items next followed by really dirty and last greasy items. Well hubs likes to toss all in together and use the cup scrubber to wash pans and i end up with greasy feeling sippy cups that now need to be re washed and he also always leaves the sink full of water with some dishes that he didn't feel like washing and they get left soaking in greasy water all night that in the morning i now need to reach my hand into that cold filthy disgusting water to drain it !!! Can you tell i have to do it alot lol.   It really is just the half done jobs that now amount to extra work.

My second worst thing is when he leaves half sprayed poop diapers and doesn't tell me about them. We have an agreement that he doesn't need to spray poop or even take apart diapers and put in wet bag just change them and leave on top of washer i will take care of them. Just tell me about them so i can wash before bed. Well he decided to start spraying them and even though i have showed him how he again does half a  job and leaves it so i get up this morning to put all the pee diapers in wet bag and find a half sprayed one with now wet chunks on it and he didn't take out the insert before spraying so the water absorbed thru and stained and now i got a smelly mess to deal with blah! The best is when he takes my son's diaper off before bath time in our bedroom and leaves it on my side of the bed just what i want to see before i lay down.

Oh well such is married life i wouldn't trade him for any other husband (well maybe brad pitt) i love him with all my heart and appreciate his efforts i know there are hubby's out there who don't help out. He is the father of my children and i hope we have a long and happy life together. i love my husband

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