Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scary Wasps!

AHHH! Wasps!! For the last 3 days some how wasps have been getting into my house! I have heroically killed  killed 7 of them. I can see them flying into the attic thru a vent so I'm pretty sure there is a nest in my attic but there are no local exterminators who will come out to get rid of them so we must rid them ourselves. I wish i knew where they were coming into my main house from it is very scary to be sitting on the couch and the baby yells "mommy bug!!" And not i have to avoid it as it does that creepy swoop as it bobs the ceiling with its dangly legs eewww. Can u tell i don't like them. I will update you when and how they get gone once i can coerce my just as scared hubby to climb up to roof and check out the situation and spray the nest, fingers crossed.

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