Friday, September 2, 2011

Very embarrassing

So i set up my Facebook page  for my blog many months ago and went along my way to promote and get followers only to be asked today by a friend of mine if i had noticed that i had spelled Minnesota wrong? Much to my dismay and embarrassment i had not! and no one else had noticed or thought to bring it to my attention yet. I am sad to say that spelling is by far not one of my strong suits and i am thankful every day for spell check. But as i looked into changing my name i was alarmed to find that u can not change your fan page once you hit 100 fans!! So i had the tough decision of can i live with this? Or do i "get rid of" 40 fans so i can fix my horrible error. Well i decided that i needed to have a professional looking page so i randomly chose 40 hard earned fans to dismiss in hopes they will find their way back. I guess i need to hit up some FB hops this week end :( I'm sorry if you were one of the 40 and please know it was not personal just an attempt to save face lol.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! That's too bad...I'm glad someone finally told you :) I have not yet checked out your page, but I'm off to do so now!