Monday, October 10, 2011

Sick baby?

One of the big problems of having an Autistic child besides the obvious is trying to tell if they are sick or not feeling good in general. He cant tell me when he doesn't feel well and really it is just a guessing game on my end especially when there are not many outward signs. He doesn't tell me when he is hungry and would probably go all day without eating if i didn't give him food and feed him. Like wise he doesn't stop eating if he is full either unless i tell him he has had enough.

Today he woke up crying and calling out to me i rushed to get him and asked him knowing i would get no answer if he was ok.  He seems good no fever didn't seem to interested in breakfast but was able to get him to eat after awhile. Day went by with little issue and he even napped. Bed time was not so good at 11:30 pm he was still awake and ever 15 mins or so he would cry out for his mommy. So know I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. He has a slight stuffy nose but can breath and usually has worse from allergies. No fever still but I'm thinking his belly hurts i rub it and ask does it hurt and he cries no and squirms away so i suspect that yes it does i rub it gently and he says stop it. So i guess we will see DR in the morning he is finally asleep i can hope for the best as maybe a DR can tell me whats wrong but i doubt it.

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