Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great coupon savings Econofood match up

Today's shopping trip was one of my better savings days. Now I'm not a super extreme couponer like in the TV show because realistically i buy an actual weeks worth of groceries not 100 of the same thing and no store in my area doubles coupons. So I'm an everyday shopper that keeps an eye out for good deals and stocks up when i can but i don't over do it. Now you may also see that there are no "meals" here because i only buy meat every few months during the meat sales and most frozen food during a frozen sale too so from week to week i usually just need normal things like sides,produce,milk, eggs, bread ect.

This weeks break down: Total before coupons $85.00 Total paid $50.00 money saved $35.00
I did all my shopping at my local Econofoods.

Some of the highlights: 2- 8ct pepcid ac tablets only .38 each there was an awesome coupon in this weeks paper for $4 off any size i clipped 2 of them.

  This week all these items are on sale and there is an in ad coupon for save $5 when you buy 10 participating smuckers brand items it works out to .50 off per item i got 4 boxes of HJ potatoes,$.99 each 1 box of HJ pancakes $1.49,1 condensed milk $1.49,1 crisco oil $2.99,Folgers coffee $4.49,smuckers caramel topping $1.49, Brownie mix $1.49. I also had from coupon flyer $1 off the Folgers coffee, printed from online .55 off milk and 2 $1 off 2 HJ products  Hungry jack potatoes both scalloped and instant mashed were .50 per box, Eagle brand sweet condensed milk 1.00 and Folgers coffee 3.50.

Chex cereal 3 boxes only $4 after in ad coupon of buy 2 get one free and clipped coupon of $1 off 3 boxes

Our family in ad coupon for save $3 of 10 participating items including many Thanksgiving items like stuffing,gravy,cranberry sauce and much more very easy to find 10 items most will cost between .70-1.00 after coupon.

And last was 2 bags of salad, croutons,cucumber,carrots,tomatoes,dressing all for $8 you buy 2 salads and you get dressing,carrots,tomatoes and cucumber free, you can print and online coupon for .50 off your free dressing and .50 off croutons.

Kemps products also on sale this week gallon milk is only $2.50

Sources to print coupons and check out the ads:

Econofood website  gives you the weekly ad and also link for our family brand coupons

Smart source  Additional coupons available

redplum  Most of the same but sometimes you find a few

Thanks for check it out hope you can save some money too!

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