Friday, February 24, 2012

going to the library

A new thing we have been doing lately is heading to the library every few weeks. Our local library has a toddler story and activity time on Friday's where they can sing songs read a book and some weeks have a craft time.  I think its pretty cool. As much as i love to bring my son out for these activities and as much as he does enjoy them for us it is almost always stressful and more work that most parents. Having a son with autism and sensory issues has its ups and downs. He wont generally sit still for to long he always want to be moving and wants to be up close and personal with every kid and play with them but most kids his age don't really want this level of intensity or to play cooperatively. I know what you may be thinking don't autistic kids not socialize? And yes this is the case for most but every kid is different. My son in particular had alot of speech delays and while he tends to shy away from adults and hates being touched he is the extreme opposite with kids he seems to have a need to please them and also be very intense and up close almost to excitable.

So back to our trip to the library. He had a good time running around while kids sang and kinda listen to the story and glued a feather and 1 goggle eye on the paper before wanting to give up. So we went to get our books. He loves Clifford books and was happy to pick out 2 to bring home.  He was chasing another little boy around the book case i wanted to go home but i have to set a timer so he knows it is time. We had a small melt down when it was time to go he doesn't understand why the other boy wouldn't play too. All and all not to bad of a trip perhaps next time i will have to make up a picture book to read before hand on what we will do at library so he isn't too out of control and not as many tears.

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  1. We love our public library. We go about once a week. My boys are older so it's a bit different. Glad your little guy likes it so much!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog via the Weekend Warrior Hop. I'm here returning the Follow Love. Have a great weekend!