Thursday, February 23, 2012

New life to my blog

Well it has been 3 long months since i have even looked at my blog! I will say i have often thought of it and have wanted to but life just got the better of me and with the holiday stresses i honestly did not have the time or patients. In addition to thanksgiving,xmas, and new years it is also my sons birthday. One more thing to add to list of fun activities that will stress my son out but the family expects and also doesn't understand why the chaos upsets him or why he scream that someone cut his cake and everyone laughs that he cries when they sing happy birthday. (he hates singing if i hadn't mentioned before)  We got thru it all pretty much in one piece only took a few weeks to get back to normal routines.  Then i just wanted to rest for the rest of winter i was kinda in a funk my self after it all. But know I'm back! i have a few reviews coming up soon and hope to focus a little more attention on couponing post since i get a few free hours a week as son is in preschool!   Thanks for anyone who has stuck around love you all  Mel

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  1. We love kids coming to the library. Glad you are bringing him and have fun! I live in Missouri and I am following you via Weekend Warrior.