Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holy Rain Batman!

WOW is all i have to say to the amount of rain that poured down on me as i had to run to my car after work.

Let me set the scene. So I'm working tonight at the local grocery store not a bad part time gig for a Sahm. We close at 10pm and it is 9:58 and the skies let loose all their fury. Torrential down pour does not describe it! Also like 40 mph winds blowing straight into my face as I'm trying to run to car. I cant even open my eyes there was so much rain blowing in my eyes and the water in the lot was up to my ankles!!!! Oh did i mention the employee parking is at far end of lot.

So by the time i got to my car I'm soaked to the bone i think i could have showered with my clothes on and been drier. I dumped water out of my shoes when i got home and looked like a drowned rat. What does hubs say when i walk in the door? "whats the big deal its just a little rain" Lmao he is lucky he cleaned the kitchen while i was working  : )


  1. i live in minnesota too. we were at a wedding that night. we were in one city and had to drive 40 miles in the rain! it was so bad, we could NOT see so we had to stop at my in laws house. my husband went outside and he said he seen "hooks" at the ends of some clouds. ugh. he's NUTS! but that night was insane. the worse i had ever experienced so far

  2. It rained hard for a couple of days here too, it disrupted the construction of our porch but it helped my plants.

    I just followed your blog via Thanks Goodness It's Friday. Hope you can follow back at my Nostalgic Marveling blog or in my other blog as you please. Thanks a lot!