Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bunzuke cloth diaper review

I like to try Wahm made diapers and I'm always a sucker for cute prints and this shop had the cutest prints! Very reasonable prices well worth the money. I can honestly say i have paid more for "name" brands that are not as nice. They are very soft inside and fit my LO perfect.(28 lbs toddler)  I purchased mine from her Etsy shop which i found very easy to navigate and had great info and pictures. I also got an optional convertabunz insert that can be used with these diapers by stuffing inside as a pocket, or snapping to it and making diaper an AI2. Or  the insert can also be used as a prefold diaper too! See website Here for great photos and explanation.

My package arrived very quickly and i washed it right up very excited to use it and so was my son he loves toy story! I will recommend washing the insert a few times before use i am always to excited to use things so i pay the price it did leak first couple times i used it, this was NOT because of bad function just my failure to wash enough. After about 3 washes it works great now it has reached absorbency and i have had  NO leaks since.

If you want a super cute well made Wahm made diaper i would recommend these to try.  As i write this review they are offering 1 lucky facebook fan 50% off code in honer of the new Hyena Cart when they reach 500 fans! And they are only 20 fans away last i checked! So be sure to check out the shops and Facebook and tell them Minnesota Momma sent you.

Very Trim fit no bulk
Great fit still has 2 snaps left to expand!

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