Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make your Own Diaper sprayer! Cheap!

I totally needed to share this video with everyone! I watched it then went out and got the parts and an hour later i had my own homemade sprayer! It is very easy to do you don't need to be a plummer and it only cost me $23 to make. Here is what you will need: 1- sink spray kit,  2-barb connectors size 3/8,  1- barb T connector 3/8, 5- clamp connectors, ball valve connector size 3/8 and thread tape.  Tools needed screw driver,hack saw, crescent wrench and pliers. I had my hubby do it just because i didn't want to be sawing things while kids were running around. It works fantastic so much better than my shower head that i was using before. If you were hesitant to get one before like i was because who wants to spend $ 45 on something for convenience here is your low cost solution and well worth  it!!! watch the video for step by step instructions.


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