Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm more talented than i thought!

Yup i made that , i know your thinking no way! And that's what i said too lmao. Apparently i am more talented with a sewing machine than i gave my self credit for. But to be honest i have a hand me down,hand me down, machine that is VERY old. So any time i attempted something it would jam up with thread i would get frustrated and give up. Finally i said you need to get this thing cleaned/oiled. You don't have the money to be buying diapers! You can totally make these! So i did and wouldn't you know my ancient machine purrs like a kitten now that it got some tlc.   I am proud of my first attempt at a diaper this is a fleece pull on cover with an added soaker. I am trying fleece and wool for the first time since the hot summer is making my son break out in diaper area from the sweaty PUL cover. I tried this on him today with a prefold and it worked great, no leaks and it was nice and cool.   

Making it was fun although the waist band and leg cuffs can be a challenge, and of course I'm thinking I'm all cool making it and forgot to sew in the soaker before sewing the sides (arg slaps head) so that was fun to sew in. Maybe after i make myself a few more i can sell a few in my new shop? Any readers interested i would take some custom orders just let me know my family can use some extra moola.   : )


  1. cute! I never put soaker pads in my fleece covers. they work perfectly fine =]

  2. Cute! I have twins and I cloth diaper too. I've never attempted making one though. I'm trying to make reusable sandwich bags for my 4 yr old's school lunches, but my sewing machine has been acting all wonky. Probably user error, lol. I'm not very good!