Saturday, July 23, 2011

In the Face of Autism: everyday fun

As many readers know my 3 year old son like many kids has Autism. Just wanted to share some of the fun we have on a daily basis. Today was a pretty typical day. We wake up when i hear him playing with his toy cars, he usually doesn't call out or cry which is nice. I go down stairs to greet him and get a smile which i am thankful for everyday i know alot of kids that don't.  When he is ready to get up the only thing on his mind is going up stairs he knows that comes next and it has to happen now! So he repeats "go upstairs" over and over. How ever we need to get dressed and change diaper first because 5 out of 7 days he has leaked thru his diaper and soaked his PJ's but he doesn't understand that so we struggle thru it and get it done with a few protests and sometimes some tears. When we are done and begin our walk up stairs it is like nothing happened and we are all smiles.

Now a typical day we go up, eat breakfast while watching tv but today was a little different. It was very hot in house last night so the fans were moved to keep us cool while LM was in bed. Now this messes with the routine and he immediately notices that they are out of place and insists i put them back where they go so i do and now i have to turn them on. Ok step one down now he sees the lamp on end table is off i is normally on all the time so i have to turn it on before the day can begin. Now that everything is in order we can start our day right? Nope daddy makes his exit from the bathroom, Arg (he is usually already at work when he gets up) so when he isn't it is a panic "daddy go work!"  Daddy smiles and wishes him a good morning even thou LM is freaking. I'm glad daddy doesn't take it personally that he hates him in the morning but don't worry LM greats him with a happy dance and kisses after work so that makes up  for it. Now that we have gotten thru all this we can finally eat breakfast and watch TV.  Phew just one of those days.

For those who don't know every day things take twice or triple the amount of time it would take a "normal" kid. The simple process of getting up and eating breakfast can take an hour or more and this particular morning i had yet to shower or even have my morning coffee. So it takes the patience and understanding of a saint. But i would not change it for anything in the world because those "special" qualities he has are who he is and it makes those everyday things so much sweeter and his break thru's and kisses so much more rewarding. I know personally that first time he said "love mommy" i cried like a baby and wouldn't stop hugging and kissing him because i knew he meant it and how much of an effort it took to finally express it.


  1. You do have the patience of a saint!! I would have cried too the first time he said he loves special!

  2. i used to take care of autistic children. they are super fun! but yes, much more to their day but the joy. awwwwww!