Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Monkey butt design wipe bits REPOST

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Now first i would like to say i have been searching for a good wipe bits for awhile my son has eczema and is sensitive to EVERYTHING. We don't even use soap in the bath and I'm sad to say I've never been able to use stuff from Johnson's, and every mother wants there new baby to smell nice but that is a distant memory. Not to say that he smells bad lol cause he doesn't he is a baby whats to smell bad other than his diaper. I have tried other "natural" soap bits/lotions ect and most cause a break out or just smell funny or leave residue. That being said i have finally found a winner!! Kim is a great WAHM to work with, has good communication and very helpful in answer questions.

 Well on to my review :) There are so many different scents it was so hard to choose! After much debate i finally decided on baby clean and doodle bug. I got 2 mini which is great for people who like to try many scents they come with 20 bits and are very reasonable priced at only $4.00 per bag. I was very excited when my box arrived i was practically mixing them before i got it out of the package! I also found it great that she included a print out of how to mix i have ordered others in the past and had to go online to look it up. Very easy to do just 12oz of water and drop in 1-2 bits depending on how much scent you want. It recommends hot water to dissolve faster and within a few minutes of mixing it was ready and smelled great. I poured my into a foaming bottle and just pump some onto my wipes and wash baby's bum. Goes on smooth with a hint of fragrance and no sticky residue and no need to rinse. After a week of using i am happy to say we have break outs or rashes and i am in love with the scents!. I will definitely recommend these bits for cloth use. All the ingredients are listed on her site and i found her very willing to answer questions about product. This is a caption from her site "Back in 2006, I made, tested, and perfected a soap bits recipe to fit my son's Cloth Diapering needs-he has extremely sensitive skin. After much testing, I finally created a soap bits recipe that is great for sensitive skin. I had been testing these for almost a year with the members over at Live Journal's Cloth Diapering community, with rave reviews and many returning customers. Some I have had for years! I decided to go I official as a business in the middle of 2008. These soap bits have become quite popular, especially with mommas that have babies with sensitive skin. Ask any fan of my soap bits, they get addicted to them. 

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