Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Challenge part 2

Time for some homemade cleaner recipes! Now i will admit this is not for everyone but having all natural cleaners in your home is great for our planet and they clean as good if not better than store brands. Also they are half the cost to make if not less!!

Window cleaner:
 What you will need-
                                     2 cups water
                                     1/4 cup vinegar
                                   natural soap
                                   food coloring

Now this one i tried a few different recipes and this is the one i found to work the best. I have read that soap helps to get rid of the residue left by other cleaners i added it to make it smell nice as well. Simple to make add water and vinegar into spray bottle of your choice. To be "extra green" use an old cleaner bottle washed out real well. You can also add Castile 1/2 teaspoon in favorite scent to cover up vinegar or boost cleaning. I made mine by putting Diaper wipe bits into hot water until melted then added vinegar i put one drop of food coloring so i could tell cleaners apart.  Now just as a side note if you don't have any soap no worries the vinegar smell goes away once dried.
Now how it works, i was a little sceptical to be honest but it worked great it easily made quick work of the crayon and dog slobber that plagued my windows. I will warn you that the cleaner does leave this weird i guess you could call it streaking effect i was disappointed at first but it disappears quickly as it dries and leaves it crystal clean! If you want to be "extra green" use an old t-shirt cut up to clean your windows.

All purpose cleaner:

What you will need-      2 cups hot water
                                    1/4 teaspoon washing powder
                                    natural soap 1/2 teaspoon castile or 2 wipe bits

How to make it pour hot water into spray bottle add wipe bits and washing powder shake till mixed or wait till but dissolve. I use to clean kitchen counters and most surfaces around the house i love the way it smells too, i sat at my kitchen table this morning and could still smell the freshness.

I am currently experimenting/testing some other home cleaning recipes so far i have tried toilet cleaner with 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar it worked good i will try again and try a few variations and give my final verdict. I am going to try some others as well and update as i go! If you have tried anything that has worked and you want to share please post a comment thanks!!


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