Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: Soft and cozy wipes

This review is for some cloth wipes made by a WAHM found on Diaper swappers.

I am the type of person who loves to look thru custom sites like etsy and diaper swappers for great wahm made items. I have always been a sucker for custom items. I just don't always like the mass brand with little choice of colors and hardly any prints. So when I started using cloth wipes i got a trial pack from my Favorite online diaper shop that gave me one of each brand available, some were good some not so good : ( Out of the mass produced brands i liked the thirsties fab wipes the best with kissaluv organic a close second.

Now with that said these WAHM wipes blow these out of the water! They are in a whole other league!
How can you not love these prints with a toddler at home!

These wipes are made out of soft high quality,designer flannel prints on one side and super fluffy ,soft minky fleece on the other. There are not words to describe how soft and fluffy these wipes are. 
Pic does not do softness justice

One of the great feature that i think help them to last wash after wash is the unique X pattern stitch across the wipes. I have been using these for several months and they are still as soft as the day i got them.  I can say i am alittle jealous my little one gets his bum wiped with such comfy softness i almost want to use them myself.
I keep them folded in my old wipe tub and spray them with my favorite wipe solution in a spray bottle and they are good to go makes clean up a cinch i rarely need to use 2 wipes unless it is a huge mess and the cool part is the fleece is super easy to clean! The mess runs right off with diaper sprayer i doesn't stick at all to fabric.

Available in her shop are many pre-made designs that change as they are made/sold or you can go my route and get a custom job i told her what i was looking for my son like Disney and dinosaurs and she emailed me pics of what she could get i choose what i liked and in a few weeks they were done and shipped! Please check out her shop on diaper swappers for the best wipes you will ever buy!!

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