Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Horrible day

today was the worst day i need to vent! So my son is almost 3 and we have been told he probably has autism and we as parents can see the signs and are dealing with him everyday and know that it is a reality. That is a story for another post. We have been seeing his DR who finally set up a referral to a clinic that does the actual "autism screening/diagnosis" mind you we had to wait 3 weeks for appointment this whole process has been on going since about April. Now i have our appointment set up for this up coming monday and needless to say i have been nervous and losing sleep wondering what the outcome will be and how to deal with it. I get his new patient questioner in the mail today and it is for a "speech analysis" first thing i think is "what i already know he has a speech delay" and we are already seeing someone for that!!!!!!! So i call the office only to find out my DR set up the wrong appointment and we are not getting the autism screening so i say ok when can you see him then only then to be informed the are not taking new patients for that here are some numbers for other clinics. I hang up and this is when i cry the first time today. Dont worry it gets worse.

After i shed my tears of despair and frustration i call the 2 numbers im provided with and left a message of course why would they pick up the phone right?! Now im ready to cry again so i hop online and find another place to call and of course they dont answer another message. After about an hour someone calls me back to say they have a 9 month waiting list for new patients! Yup 9 months to get answers about how to treat my son who is to me obviously autistic and struggling some days i can hardly get thru my day sanity intact but god help me i love him to death. The nice person who called me was nice enough to provide me with a few more numbers and after calling ,and leaving messages with 5 clinics i finally got one to take us in a month. Oh and the others still havent called back

Long story and painful rant later: I understand that there are alot of kids being diagnosed with autism but as a frustrated stressed out parent dont they know we just need some answers and some hope and maybe just someone to tell us it is ok we can help you! To have to wait so long when i just need some help. Ok i feel alittle better now i have a headache from crying most of the day every time i look at my little angel i would tear up just thinking about how much i love him and just want him to have the best out of this life and to be normal, then he throws his juice cup at me tosses himself on the floor and cries (Thats how he tells me he want more juice) then i laugh and say of course little lamb juice coming right up. Give him his juice ,a kiss on the head and help him with his puzzle. all is right in his world for now. :)
Sorry this is a poorly written rant but i had to get it off my chest thx for listening melissa


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