Friday, June 10, 2011

Extreme Coupons!

Today i went to the local grocery store to buy my weeks worth of food. I wanted to take sometime to share how i save my family an average of $30 a week off of $100 in food. And even more at Walmart buying household items like deodorant, body wash , cleaning supplies, ect. Now it doesn't seem like much I'm not getting $500 in free stuff like those people on the TV but lets be honest does anyone need 50 bottles of detergent? They are not buying what normal people would consume. I'm just an average person saving money buying what i need on a weekly basis.

Now first off i live in an area where no one doubles coupons i cant even use 2 different manufacturers  coupons on the same item unless I'm real crafty. The first tip i have is on how to get the coupons. The most obvious place is the Sunday paper.  I don't even buy one personal i don't read it so why waste $2+ of you profits buying multiple papers. Here's a tip, get to know someone at the local market or convenience store on monday morning all the on sold paper get recycled or tossed in the trash all they need to send back for credit is the cut out of the front page! Dont be afraid to go in when they open chat up the clerk and ask if you can take the inserts, let them know they are helping out your family. I personally get 3-5 inserts a week from my store :)

Printing from the internet:  I check out a few sites weekly to print out additional coupons there is one called magnify the savings that has coupons for things usually on sale that current week so you are getting even more off the sale price. Alot of these sites want email addresses i recommend that you set up a separate free Gmail account just for this to help avoid spam and other junk from flooding your personal email. If there is something your looking for but dont have a coupon try to goggle the item or check out the manufacturers  website they always have coupons to print this week i got some from tums and betty crocker.
sites to try:

now alot of these have the same coupons but everyone has a favorite.

Now that you have the coupons what do you do with them? Well to maximize you saving always watch for sales. Grab the flyers and if your running errands scout the store, it seems silly but if you have an idea of whats  going on you can better plan your shopping trip organization is the key! Always have a list so you know what you need to get and have coupons ready before you go to register cashiers get huffy and are less likely to not make a mistake if your holding up the line digging for things. I keep a stack of ones i know im going to use and a stack of maybe's i give the first stack to cashier as im sorting thru for the maybe's i did use so i have them ready by the time she is done.  This weeks big score from the grocery store: They had Hamburger helper on sale for 10 boxes for $10 then if you got 10 they gave you 2 free for a total of 12 for $10 i had 4 $1.00 off 3 box coupons so i paid $6.00 for 12 boxes.

Next tip is saving on health and beauty type products or non-food items.  This stuff is not typically on sale but there are great ways to save big by using multiple coupons the smart way. Example this week i had a buy one get one free coupon for deodorant that retails for $4.24 and on top of that i also had $1.00 off one of those same items using all 3 coupons i got 2 for $2,24. Now as much as i dont like to shop there walmart is usually the best place to get this stuff cheap target can be good on occasion. Most of these coupons are good for months so save them till you can use a bunch together. With BoGo and dollar off this week i got $55 dollars in deodorant,lotions.bodywash,toothpaste,shaving items for only $20. 

Thanks for reading if you have questions i will be happy to help and please feel free to share your tips or success stories!!


  1. Following you back from 17sirens! :)
    This post is so helpful!

    I'm a new mom and started looking into couponing to save some money. While I haven't actually STARTED using/getting the coupons, I've found a lot of resources to begin. Hopefully I'll have some big time savings in the future like you did!

    Keep me posted, this was fun to read! :)

  2. wasnt sure where else to write you but you entered my go green diaper giveaway over at what these mommies think and technically all your entries in invalid because you left no email address but i would love for you to get the chance to enter so if you could at least redo the mandatory entry and leave your email with it, i wont ask you to redo all the entries. thank you