Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cloth Diaper series: options and buying

OK so maybe your still on the fence about switching to cloth here are a few interesting reasons to make the switch. Most people have heard that disposable take 500 years to disintegrate in the landfill! So why are you spending money on something your gonna toss in the trash when you can save so much with cloth. How much can you save? Well an average family will spend approximately $2500-$3000 on diapers from birth to 3 years old.  Cloth diapers will cost about $300 give or take to get a good size stash with some accessories. And if you choose real basic diaper like prefolds and covers you can spend even less. Did you also know that cloth diapered babies get much less diaper rash!

So you have decided to make the switch, now what? Sized or one size? Snaps or velcro? My best advice is try them before you buy. If your like me there are no places to shop for cloth in person. So you must rely on online stores. I know it can be challenging and a little scary to make an investment in an item that cant be returned,or can they? Well I have found a many sites have "try it" policies for new to cloth parents! It can be overwhelming and really it is best to get a few, try them out, play with them ,feel the material and of course put them on baby.
Sized vs. one size

The basic difference is that with the "sized" diapers it will fit your baby within a weight range for example the small size will fit approximately 8-16 lbs and when you baby grows you will need to buy new diapers in the next size. some parents prefer this to get a better fit. Also it is sometimes recommend for newborns and preemies some one size are alittle big or bulky on newborns and parents will use the one size when they get to infant stage.  One size diapers are like the above picture they will fit most babies from 8-30 lbs by adjusting the snaps on the front rise as they grow.  This means you will only need to buy one set of diapers from birth to potty. All though since cloth is so addictive you will find your self wanting to buy much more!

Velcro vs. Snaps

This is totally about preference most diapers offer a choice of either and it also depends on your baby. In the early years of wiggly baby velcro can be quicker and easier to get on but by the time they grow out of wiggle they are old enough to figure out how to take off the velcro and snaps become more popular in toddler years. I have about half and half. When deciding on which ones to get look at the velcro models laundry tabs. This is the part that holds the velcro while washing the diapers to prevent diaper chains in the wash.  I have found not all are created equal there are some that fold over but wont quite stick and end up coming loose in the wash and some that are great and stick very well.

Try before you buy!
Here are some resources for you to start. These are a few popular cloth diaper retailers that i have purchased from and would recommend. All of these have a "try it" policy so you can give them a whirl risk free to figure out what works best for you. Obviously read thru the policies carefully to be sure you understand how they handle returns and of what product they accept as part of the try it period every site is  a little different i will give you a basic breakdown of each but keep in mind things change so be sure to read it on their site as well.

This is the site that started all for me (thank you crystal) I was totally lost and confused as to what to buy and i called her up and she answered all my stupid questions patiently and was very informative. I got the standard trial pack that includes a variety of different one size diapers to try out including pockets, all in ones and hybrids styles.  You have 30 days to try out your diapers and return the ones you don't like and keep the ones you do. After they receive your returns you can choose ones to replace and pay any difference in price if any. They also have a try and exchange program if you already have some idea of what you want that you can pick out the diapers you want try them for 10 days and keep or exchange them. Definitely a great way to start cloth diapering you can also see if they have a consultant near you that can help you decided where to Start! Great site fast shipping and easy to contact. Also free shipping on orders over $79 and has reward program.

Nicki's has a try and wash program as well where you can pick out cloth diapers you want to try and keep them for 15 days and again keep what you like and exchange the ones you don't. I purchased from this site when i decided to try out covers for the first time. I was unsure which brands would work best for me so i literally ordered one of each cover available and tried them all out! I think i ended up keeping 2 and returning the rest but it was simple to do and i was emailed a credit voucher for my returns and i picked out my new items.  Great site fast shipping. Offers free shipping on orders over $75 and free on other various items at different times as well as free gift on purchase over $100.

This site has a slightly limited try it program but it is on the most popular brands of diapers so you may want to give this one a try. You can try them out for a full 30 days and the best part of this is that you can receive full refund of money back if not satisfied! This is a great feature unique to this site for those who truly on the fence but I'm sure once you try you will love it! I have purchased some diaper product from them and have great selection and good customer service. Fast shipping, great service,customer reward program,And free shipping on orders over $49!

Hope this has helped you in your decision on purchasing cloth diapers! As with all sites be sure to read thru their policies carefully! And obviously all returns must be washed and free of stains. Original shipping is not returned and you are responsible for shipping back to them. Next up in Series: Washing and care of diapers!


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